Sing-Ying Community Introduction

School Mission: Revive the community’s cultural assets and empower cultural citizens of society

In 2010, the former Tainan County and Tainan City used “the capital of historical culture” as the main appeal to officially merge and become a municipality. This allowed the school to expand upon its existing school mission by thinking more deeply on how to respond to this regional change and implement the community college’s vision. After more than one year of discussions and planning, the school proposed as its future school mission to “revive the community’s cultural resources and empower cultural citizens of society”. It is with high hopes that the knowledge on local culture built over the years can help to focus attention towards the preservation and revival of the community’s cultural assets, and empower knowledgeable and action-orientated cultural citizens.


School Vision:


  1. Through “the liberation of knowledge for a civil society” to establish the subjectivity of adult learning: The liberation of knowledge is more than just freeing content of higher education from the ivory tower; it’s to give everyday people the chance to access and use this knowledge at will. At the same time, it is also about understanding that knowledge is more than just books and talking; instead, it should be the power used to transform the community into a civil society.
  2. Through “forming clubs and public participation” to promote the commonality of adult learning: The school promotes courses on public affairs and encourages students to form public affair clubs. The school hopes that through these courses and clubs, students will learn how to assemble groups, participate in public affairs, care for their community, and develop further in this area.
  3. Through “community training and local knowledge” to build the localization of adult learning: The community college must become a good partner of the community. By creating an atmosphere of learning, training community talents, increasing community awareness, and organizing local knowledge, the school can become a long-term companion and find its place within the community.
  4. Through “respecting others and communicating as equals” to encourage the diversity of adult learning: The community college is made up of members from diverse backgrounds. Teachers and students each lead rich yet vastly different lives, with different life experiences in their current stages in life; they have different views of the world, showcasing a coexisting society of individuals and groups from disparate ethnicities, genders, regions, and ages in Taiwan.


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